marc philip van kempen





selected work:



sculptural study


1966, monument 4 those who have been killed in ambush (for P.K. who reminded me about death) red fluorescent light 8ft (wide) x 6 ft (deep) 244cm x 183cm

























Sculptural Study is a threedimensional copy & paste work, based on a virtual conversation between sculptor Fred Sandback and television astrologer Carl Sagan. Central in this work is the process in which virtuality, dimensions, context and lens based media continually alter the perception.

Sandback’s sculptural work consists out of cord that has been stretched in the space in such a way that planes and volumes are suggested. This suggested sculpture seems to transform itself when the spectator moves through the space and shifts his perspective. The fysical presence of the viewer is of essential importance, which complicates photographical reproduction of the installations.

From ’81-‘96 a great deal of his work could be viewed in the self initiated Fred Sandback Museum dedicated solely to the showcasing of his own work. At the moment though, Sandback’s work can primarily be seen online. Lack of material continuity and permanence has allways been a great source of frustration and even depression for Sandback, who tragically hung himself in his studio in 2003.

I found two installationshots of Sandback’s installations on the internet (yellow and white triangle and Untitled, sculptural study for low relief wall construction). I reproduced these with oilpaint on panels in my studio. On one of these panels I projected a youtube video in which astrologer Carl Sagan explains how it is possible that we can think about the fourth dimension even though we can’t experience it. The light reflecting from the panel and the projection lighted out the environment in changing colors and gradations, incorporating the surrounding space.