marc philip van kempen





selected work:



sculptural study


1966, monument 4 those who have been killed in ambush (for P.K. who reminded me about death) red fluorescent light 8ft (wide) x 6 ft (deep) 244cm x 183cm
















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cutout 1a
C-print 30x40cm

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The series of photographs entitled ‘studio’ began as a set of experiments to let photographs, video, streaming media, sculpture and installation collide in my studiospace. For these ‘crash-tests’, I took images from television, newspapers, the internet and graphics/editing programs, and rebuild them threedimensionally in the studio. Taking them out of their normal time-based environment and placing them, in their new, fysical state, more organically in the atelier.

When I lived in my studiospace from time to time I also began to make photographs of my personal belongings mixing with the 3D works, and of light entering the spaces. This led to the series developing in a way that leans on documentary photography as well as sculpture or new media.