marc philip van kempen





selected work:



sculptural study


1966, monument 4 those who have been killed in ambush (for P.K. who reminded me about death) red fluorescent light 8ft (wide) x 6 ft (deep) 244cm x 183cm














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LoBe Residency
Installation and photographs


A site specific installation that plays with the relationship between a sculptural installation and it’s photographic representation. The installation was build during a 2 month residency at LoBe in Berlin.

My startingpoint for this show was the recognition that most installations live longer and have bigger exposure as photographs, than as the ‘real’ threedimensional thing itself.

The source material for the installation consisted of two installation shots found on the internet; a polaroid collage of the backside of Marcel Duchamp’s ‘Etant Donnés’ in his studio in 1966, and an installation view of John McCracken’s work ‘Star’.

During the making and the presentation of the piece, I took multiple photographs and from these photographs a variety of publications were made and shown alongside the installation. The viewers were thus invited to simultaneously see the threedimensional work and the installation shots that would become the left-over after the takedown of the exhibition.

The work revolves around questions about the final stage of a work and what role photography plays in the reception and creation of threedimensional work.